Must Have Mirrors for Your Home

Mirrors make great wall accessories. No matter where you decide to hang them, mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, open up a room by making your space look bigger and also add a touch of décor to the room!

Outdoor Mirrors


Get the look: Small Outdoor Decorative Scroll Garden Mirror.

This is a beautiful outdoor mirror that adds character to any space. Who said mirrors only belong inside of your home? This mirror would be perfect at night because it easily reflects any lights that may be shining down into your backyard.

Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror hanging on the wall. Add some character to your bathroom by replacing your boring mirror with a mirrored vanity table. Another great way to decorate your bathroom with a mirror is to add an antique mirror like the one shown below for a glamorous update.

Champagne Silver Antique Over Mantle Mirror, get the look:

Kitchen Mirrors

There are no rules when it comes to using mirrors as décor for your home. Adding mirrors to your kitchen will certainly add more light and space! You can add mirrors to the cupboards or add a lean mirror by a door or a cabinet space. Add a wooden mirror like the one pictured below:

Get this look; Oakmill Brown Mirror

Living Room Mirrors

Add a contemporary mirror to your living room space. Create reflection in a living room space or use a large mirror to add light to a dark room. Whether you add a small or large mirror to your living room space, make sure to position it either opposite or diagonal to a window for added luminosity.

Liquid Glass Tear Drop Design Venetian Bevelled Mirror.

Basement Mirrors

If you have a finished basement, add a long mirror for added light and décor. You can add a full-length vintage mirror or even a small antique mirror beside a table for a quick update to your basement. Why not add a vanity space as well? The options are endless!

Full Length Silver Elegant Classic Wood Mirror.