Winters Best Kept Secret

As a person who has dry skin, I tend to be dissatisfies when looking for products that can provide an intense moisture and prevent my skin from the ashy, scaly-look that happens especially during the winter time. So I decided that what Ive been using (thick lotion and oil gel) would not be enough and looking in stores on aisles for hours  had become a waste of time. So I decided to look online, first searching on youtube and then BAM! There it was, the gold I had been looking for- my Egyptian Magic!. I WAS NOT SOLD at first review, so my plan was to look it up on google to really get a quick rundown of how it works, benefits and ingredients. I look it up and saw that for the most part it contained natural ingredients and that it had a mildly neutral smell along with a light cream-solid texture. The next step was to order it on Amazon and then try it. After 4days it came in the mail. So Exciting!

As soon as I unwrapped it, the first thing I did was smell it just as other products and yep, the smell was quite neutral- WIN NUMERO UNO. Then I took a little to put on the back of my hand. It almost immediately melted like butter- WIN NUMERO DOS. Yes! After that, it just glazed so smoothly on my skin. I must say that it provides moisture for a long time and especially with how dry it gets in Arizona, this Egyptian Magic is truly magic. Another thing was the fact that the price was reasonable and did not take long to arrive through Amazon.

Here are a few things that It has done for me in the past 7weeks of use:

-It intensely moisturizes my really dry legs, elbows and knees.

-It healed a bruise that I got while shaving my legs, within less than 48HOURS!!! Yep.Pretty cool.

– I have used it along with a primer to even out my pores for smooth application of makeup.

-It has served as a long-lasting lip moisturizer.

-I have used it lightly as a night cream.

-When applied in nostrils helps heal bruising from sneezing and itch.

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